The cyberpunk1980s is now ready to launch!


The cyberpunk culture can be traced back to the 1980s. So far, it’s been about 40 years and it attracted great mount of cyberpunk fancirers. Now, we will summon all cyberpunk fancirers around the world to create the CyberPunk1980s community!

Yes, we’re coming!

The Cyberpunk1980s website was launched on Dec. 11 2020! Within 30 days after its launch, users will be able to create a personalized Cyberpunk-style NFT, the portrait card, without any fee. If you don’t have an NFT card, don’t worry. We have CBP token airdrops for cyberpunk fancirers. Users who are airdropped can still participate in the community activities in Cyberpunk1980s.

What is Cyberpunk1980s?

Cyberpunk1980s is a DAO community which was created by the cyberpunk culture enthusiast and influencers. It is also an experiment with DEFI combined with NFT. Meanwhile, the Cyberpunk1980s community is a paradise for the Internet Influencers, a haven for cyberpunk fancirers. Influencers are entitled to create NFT cards by their influence without any fee. They can win some CBP token rewards through NFT cards battles. Besides, enthusiasts may also receive rewards for their participation in CBP token staking games.

How it works?

Each qualified influencer can create an NFT card without any fee. Then they can start their NFT stake pool. Each NFT corresponds to a separate pool. Different pool contains different CBP token rewards. Every pool’s APY will be effected by the their influence and we set up the NFT CE(aka Combat Effectiveness) power to quantify it, fairly. The higher the CE is, the higher the APY is.

NFT CE power is mainly determined by the number of influencer followers, amount of CBP staked in the pool, and the number of CBP addresses of its NFT team supporters. We design a comprehensive algorithm to quantify the NFT CE power.

The reward allocation proportion of NFT staking pool is: 10% belongs to the creator of NFT, 10% belongs to the owner of NFT, and 80% belongs to the players who participate in stake pool. And players will get the reward according to their participation share. Each player can only choose one NFT pool at a time. However, the community will not limit players of changing pools.

Cyberpunk1980s community will only open the creation of NFT to Influencers on Twitter. Later, more channels will be supported. Welcome all influencers to participate in this community. If influencers have more than 100 followers, they will apply to create a new NFT for free. Every 7*n days since the foundation of the NFT by the influencer individual, you will get another chance to create a new one.

In addition to influencers, normal players in the community also have different ways to play. Players without NFT creation qualification can use CBP token to buy NFT white cards from third-party platforms such as Opensea. White cards can be randomly created into any existing NFT card, called copy card. Copy card will share the original NFT card mining pool. The copy card can be sold.

What is CBP token?

The CBP is a governance token of the Cyberpunk1980s community, which is followed the ERC-20 standard. The total amount is 100 million. It will be never increase. CBP can be used for community governance voting, NFT pools staking, exchange NFT cards or the CE power, etc.

Token Distribution

60% Mining

20% Private sales

10% Donated to the early DAO community contributors

10% The core team

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Welcome to Cyberpunk1980s. A community for Cyberpunk fanciers, NFT artists and crypto investors. Let's start the trip.