How can I mint my own NFT?

Every user, who enters the Cyberpunk 1980 community, will receive a free opportunity to create a personal Cyberpunk style NFT card. Once you get your personal NFT card, you can deeply participate in community activities and get more community rewards.

So, this article…

Will bionics dream of digital currency

. From 1983 Bruce Bethke wrote the word Cyberpuck in his novels, to today the game Cyberpunk 2077 has taken the world by storm. Cyberpunk culture has been popular for nearly 40 years. …


The cyberpunk culture can be traced back to the 1980s. So far, it’s been about 40 years and it attracted great mount of cyberpunk fancirers. Now, we will summon all cyberpunk fancirers around the world to create the CyberPunk1980s community!

Yes, we’re coming!

The Cyberpunk1980s website was launched on…


Welcome to Cyberpunk1980s. A community for Cyberpunk fanciers, NFT artists and crypto investors. Let's start the trip.

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